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Create an Account for the authenticated User if an Account for that User does not already exist. Each User can only have one Account.

URL : /generate-child-wallet

Method : POST

Data constraints

Provide xpriv from /generate-wallet and the child path in the form of an array of integers.

  "child": [1,5],
  "xprv": "xprv9s21ZrQH143K3Cy78KacBtuV64s3Fi9xK3TkFzFS85Gv3Ss6MkWyzFeSaxQcjX64YsXD5YhBA3GUQRpnRn7fdi872vaQX4SGyi4psXGZ8sY"

Success Response

Condition : If xpriv and a child array of integers is provided.

Code : 200 OK

Content example

    "username": "", 
    "public_key": "031df11550ba23d1738d2b3227a8e8b28f7e35a1a369967ea7ebde37d5cfcabc6c", 
    "private_key": "208133c5107465c328d457380d3749a3de6a6c1f29265179eddb177ad91fb4e7", 
    "serve_port": 8000, 
    "site_database": "yadacoinsite", 
    "wif": "KxJtubo885q2qVrEf4MP6Kjtwaj5sWH4AKjMPY3eNQQk9iSm513v", 
    "web_server_host": "", 
    "database": "yadacoin", 
    "web_server_port": 5000, 
    "peer_port": 8000, 
    "peer_host": "", 
    "fcm_key": "", 
    "seed": "", 
    "address": "1KYZoqeQZfm3LpmL2rh5K3jhRPwN3AAU5", 
    "serve_host": "", 
    "bulletin_secret": "MEQCIBMi1nb3/bSee5aAxAWscAL7EC855Y4w2Pq2nWIXRItMAiBtOAbgDkjJkvVTvGFFdG/gpWoESwC7CGjgslnGc9RX4w==", 
    "xprv": "xprv9s21ZrQH143K3Cy78KacBtuV64s3Fi9xK3TkFzFS85Gv3Ss6MkWyzFeSaxQcjX64YsXD5YhBA3GUQRpnRn7fdi872vaQX4SGyi4psXGZ8sY", 
    "callbackurl": "", 
    "mongodb_host": "localhost"

Error Responses

Condition : If fields are missed.

Code : 400 BAD REQUEST

Content example

    "status": "error",
    "msg": "error creating child wallet"