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YadaCoin lets your users take their connections anywhere!

This means users can bring their existing connections to your platform!


Verifiable identities

Easily verify users between apps making authentication simple!

verifiable credentials

Issue and verify credentials between organizations with a full audit trail!

encrypted direct messaging

YadaCoin uses state-of-the-art encryption and security techniques to keep your private conversations, private!

private group communication

Make a private group and communicate privately!


Never lose your relationships

Use our immutable public blockchain to store your relationships. Recover your relationships with your private key!

Private relationships

Spying on your relationships is impossible without your private key!

Own your identity

Create as many identies as you'd like with a single private key. You decide how much is known about each identity!

Use your identity anywhere

YadaCoin identities are the most versatile and portable in the industry!


Businesses using our blockchain

Center Identity

Center Identity is preventing phishing attacks and other identity based scams with its secure email system built using YadaCoin! Any business around the world can now communicate securely with their customers without the threat of identity scams.


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Matt is an Entrepreneur and Author who has held titles such as Chief Technology Officer and Software Architect at the worlds largest and most prestigious organizations. He is passionate about identity, privacy, and revolutionizing the internet as we know it today.

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