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Powered by Ai & patented innovations

AI, Secret Locations, and Blockchain. A recipe for success!


We have 2 patents. One issued and one pending. Both in the United States.

Secret Locations

Our patented innovation lets you create wallets for ANY cryptocurrency using secret locations and AI.

AI Powered

Our AI technology, which is patent pending, is used to ensure security when creating wallets for ANY cryptocurrency.

Public Developer

The founder, Matt Vogel, openly discloses his identity and is based in the United States.

WORKING SOFTWARE: Our tech is used by real businesses!

Never lose your relationships

Use our immutable public blockchain to store your relationships. Recover your relationships with your private key!

Private relationships

Spying on your relationships is impossible without your private key!

Own your identity

Create as many identies as you'd like with a single private key. You decide how much is known about each identity!

Use your identity anywhere

YadaCoin identities are the most versatile and portable in the industry!


Integrate YadaCoin with Komodo Wallet Atomic DEX. This will allow atomic swaps (no centeral exchange or "middle-man" necessary) between YadaCoin and thousands of different assets without ever losing control of your coins.


  • Integrate YadaCoin with ExlectrumX server - ✓
  • Integrate YadaCoin with Komodo Wallet - In progress
  • Test atomic swaps on testnet
  • Merge YadaCoin into main Komodo release

Our focus is also on integrating our patented innovations with commercial cryptocurrency wallets, along with enterprise applications and services. Our technology enables wallet management, authentication, authorization, and management of the entire user life-cycle.

Our Journey


Protocol Inception

Design begins for the Yada metaverse and payment protocol.


Patent filed

Patent application filed for the Yada metaverse and payment protocol.


Getting to Work

Collaboration and development begins on the Yada metaverse protocol. Several proof-of-concept and prototype apps developed in the years following.


Crypto Inception

Design and development begins for the YadaCoin cryptocurrency, blockchain, and payment network.


First exchange listing

YadaCoin achieves its first exchange listing on Safe Trade Exchange.


Center Identity is founded

Matt Vogel launches Center Identity using the YadaCoin blockchain.


Second Exchange listing

YadaCoin achieves its second exchange listing on Exbitron Exchange.


Integrated into XMRigCC

After forking to the CPU minable RandomX algorithm, implementing our modified algorithm (rx/yada), YadaCoin was merged into the master branch of XMRigCC.


Listed On Mining Pool Stats

The number of miners grew enough to support being listed on the highly regarded Mining Pool Stats site.


Patent issued for Password Recovery

After the lengthy and thorough process of applying, we were finally awarded a patent for a technology that we truly believe will be a game changer.


Ai Patent Pending

We have introduced revolutionary artificial intelligence strategies that significantly bolster the security and user-friendliness of both web2 and web3 applications and wallets. These innovations are poised to accelerate the adoption of YadaCoin, and they hold the potential to drive growth across the entire cryptocurrency industry.

Businesses using our blockchain

Center Identity

Center Identity is innovating crypto wallets and increasing security of web applications with patented innovations.

Visit Center Identity to learn more!


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Matt is an Entrepreneur and Author who has held titles such as Chief Technology Officer and Software Architect at the worlds largest and most prestigious organizations. He is passionate about identity, privacy, and revolutionizing the internet as we know it today.

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