the internet has no owner
YadaCoin is building web 3.0
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Web 3.0 is based on identity

Yada is a web 3.0 protocol

YadaCoin is an open source currency, payment network, and blockchain enabling access to your data across devices and platforms.

YadaTech offers products and services supporting both Yada and YadaCoin.


Search engines are replaced by native identity search


Browsers no longer have an address bar. It's all based on searching identities

Domains are no-more

Centralized and vulnerable, domains are replaced with searchable identities


The concept of relationships between identities is built into web 3.0

Direct messaging

End-to-end encryption is also built into direct communication between identites


Even a group of identities is an identity. No centralized hosting necessary

Ownership and portability

"Big tech" has fought over our identities long enough. It's time for a user centric experience

Phishing is dead

Verifiable identities means it's impossible to phish, no matter how convincing the email is

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  • Support


$5/mo each user

  • Tier 1 Support
  • Push notifications
  • 2 factor authentication
  • User life-cycle management


$20/mo each user

  • Tier 2 Support
  • Push notifications
  • 2 factor authentication
  • User life-cycle management


Our business and consumer products make getting started easier than ever:

loaded intel atom

We'll setup a hardware node for you and ship it! All you have to do is connect it to wi-fi

yada node

Our open source node gives you access to YadaCoin's decentralized identity web

yada mobile

Available in the Apple App Store and Google Play


We also offer a wide range of services to get you from project planning to going live:

private implementations

Private chain/network implementations are available for greater access control

systems integration

Legacy systems can be integrated with web 3.0 to enhance their feature-set

custom app development

Mobile, desktop, and web apps can be created or modified for a richer user experience

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Email: info@yadacoin.io