the internet has no owner
YadaCoin is building web 3.0
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Web 3.0 is based on identity

Yada is a web 3.0 protocol

YadaCoin is an open source currency, payment network, and blockchain enabling access to your data across devices and platforms.

YadaTech offers hardware devices and services supporting both Yada and YadaCoin.


Wearables prevent theft or loss of your smart identity devices

Smart Identity Devices

Smart identity devices are stand-alone identity providers used when your identity is needed

re-imagined smart phones

Smart phones will no longer be an attack vector for your identity

Phishing is dead

Wearables, identity devices, and verifiable relationships make phishing impossible


The concept of relationships between identities is built into web 3.0

Direct messaging

End-to-end encryption is also built into direct communication between identites


Humans are very group minded. We've built groups into web 3.0

Ownership and portability

"Big tech" has fought over our identities long enough. It's time for a user centric experience

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