How to setup masternodes

Masternodes are the core of the yadacoin network.

To become part of the masternode network you will need to be able to do the following.

You'll need three nodes running on three different machines with three different ip addresses. For help setting up each node, follow the instructions on the download page.

A web domain to use for your ip addresses. You can use sub domains for each node. Change peer_host in your config.json to each of these subdomains.

For example, node 1 config.json: "peer_host": "seed.domain.com", node 2 config.json: "peer_host": "seedgateway.domain.com", node 3 config.json: "peer_host": "serviceprovider.domain.com"

Each node will need two ports open. One port for http and a second port for tcp sockets. To change these ports, open the config.json file, change serve_port for http, change peer_port for tcp socket.

Each node's config.json must be different/newly generated.

In the first node's config.json, change "peer_type": "user" to "peer_type": "seed"

In the second node's config.json, change "peer_type": "user" to "peer_type": "seed_gateway"

In the third node's config.json, change "peer_type": "user" to "peer_type": "service_provider"

Restart all three nodes.

Use the testing tool below to test and submit each node after the tests run successfully.

Find Matt [yadacoin.io] on Discord and we will complete the process.

Test your masternode for readiness

Enter the field values corresponding to your config.json



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