Download Full Node

Ubuntu 22

Use this command to setup with bootstrap data. Up and fully synced in less than 5 minutes!

sudo wget -O - https://raw.githubusercontent.com/pdxwebdev/yadacoin/master/yadanodesetup.sh | sudo bash

Check the status of the node with the following:

sudo journalctl -u yadanodemanager.service -f
cd /etc/yadacoin
sudo docker-compose logs mongodb
sudo docker-compose logs yada-node


Install MongoDB.

Install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable package.

Download using the button below. Extract and run the YadaCoin executable.


You can now either let the node sync from the genesis block (could take hours) or be fully synced in minutes using our nightly release of bootstrap data.

To load the bootstrap data, download and extract the compressed archive.

Bootstrap Data

Then download mongodb database tools and use mongorestore.exe to load the blockchain data into your mongodb instance.

Once your node is synced, you can visit your wallet.

Find the config folder that was created when you ran the executable and copy the 'wif' property.

Go back to your wallet and paste that into the import identity text field and click the import button.

You're now running a full node on the Yada network!
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Email: info@yadacoin.io